SENACYT and UNACHI train teachers in the natural sciences

A total of 32 primary school teachers serving Public Schools of the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) from different districts of the Chiriqui district participated in the lockdown diplomat Virtual in the natural sciences, sponsored by the National Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (SensightThrough the educational cooperation agreement signed with Chiriqui Autonomous University UNACHI).


SENACYT and UNACHI have trained 32 natural science teachers

The Natural Science Diploma has been implemented in virtual mode for a period of five months with the aim of contributing to the continuous training of in-service teachers to improve the teaching of Natural Sciences in the Chiriqui School District.

Dr. Maria Heller, Director of Innovation in Science and Technology Learning, stated: “The teachers are committed to their training and have accepted the challenge of participating in a virtual diploma that confronts them in a less familiar environment than usual. We are sure that this experience has been enriching for everyone.”

Vice Rector of the Academic University UNACHI, Olda Cano noted: “It is important that teachers apply the knowledge gained in the classroom with their students in applied natural science subjects. Referring to the agenda developed, he noted the interest in learning by discovery that teachers applied with a diploma in natural sciences.”

The 32 teachers who benefited from this diploma were selected through an open public call organized by Sensight, which had an evaluation committee and was funded through the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The event was attended by the Vice President of the Academic University UNACHI, Olda Cano; Orlando Caceres, Dean of the College of Natural and Exact Sciences at UNACHI; Dr.. Maria Heller, Director of Innovation in Science and Technology Learning at SENACYT; Professor Alba Villarreal, Assistant Director of Technical Teaching at MEDUCA in Chiriqui County and Teachers.

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So far, more than 800 primary teachers from various school districts in the country have benefited from these programs.

The Diploma in Natural Sciences has been developed within the framework of the National Strategic Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (PENCYT) 2019-2024, which among its strategic objectives is to achieve equitable and high-quality education in the scientific and technological field, and therefore one of its lines of action is to improve the quality of education in all regions of the country by promoting Abilities of faculty members in science, mathematics, and technology.

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