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Simon Bramhall, a surgeon from Birmingham, UK, has been removed from the medical record of United kingdom After pleading guilty to signing his initials on the livers of at least two patients during his operations.

the Court service for medical practitioners He came to this conclusion after an investigation that began in 2013 after one of his colleagues was accused of operating on his patient in the hospital. Queen Elizabeth.

“Dr Bramhall’s actions came from a degree of professional arrogance and undermined the public’s confidence in the medical profession,” He assured the court in a document compiled by the British media .

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Bramhall, 57, has admitted to using an argon beam to write his initials (SB) on the livers of his patients, claiming he did so to relieve Operating room tensions after difficult and long transplants, which has been suspended.

The colleague who accused the doctor noticed the doctor’s signature after he operated on a patient back on the liver. He photographed the marks and reported the incident to the hospital’s medical director.

The doctor submitted his resignation from the hospital in 2014 amid a disciplinary investigation against him.

In 2018, after years of investigation, the surgeon received a 12-month community order and a fine of £10,000 (US$13,700) after accepting both cases. Although the victims were not physically harmed, the court noted that one of the patients had psychiatric signs.

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However, in 2020, Bramhall He was suspended from his work as a doctor for at least 5 months after a new court ruling revealed the seriousness of the matter. This punishment was not sufficient for the General Medical Council (GMC), so it was repealed to demand a more severe sentence.

“Physical abuse of two vulnerable patients when they were unconscious in a clinical setting, one of whom experienced significant and lasting emotional damage, seriously undermines patients and the public’s confidence in the medical profession and inevitably puts the profession in its place. Notorious”, the court confirmed.

So it was concluded that the partial suspension order “It will not be sufficient to protect the broader public interest.” He noted that the removal of the medical record will be a “Appropriate and proportionate punishment.”

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