For a summer snack, how Comé + Plantas, Narda Lepes’ app for incorporating vegetables into the diet

eat + plants It is an application developed by the famous chef Narda Lips, jointly with Microsoft whose aim is to Consumption habits questionMake people’s relationship with vegetables more flexible and incorporate them into the diet.

Ante la intense heat wave Which found Argentina, the government made a series of recommendations so that people pay attention to the high temperatures. Among them, good hydration and Eat fruits and vegetables Which provides a large amount of water to the body.

The platform is basically Vegetable Encyclopedia Which, in an interactive format and design similar to Instagram stories, proposes to provide information about different products. Seasonality, ways to cook it and what to incorporate are some of the aspects you take into consideration.

It’s not what you eat, it’s what you don’t eat. You don’t have to stop eating what you love; You have to add more things to it. And to add more things is Comé + Plantas,” the chef who joined the Artificial intelligence From Microsoft to “improve people’s lives,” according to an official video.

Since its launch in June 2020, the app has been a huge success and over time, it has incorporated new updates to adapt more to users’ needs. Today I got a good result in the Play Store: 4.4 out of 5 stars and mostly positive comments.

So eat + plants At the Gourmand AwardsFrench Prize for the World of Gastroenterology. Project Lepes has been recognized among the best kitchen applications, along with other projects from the UK and US.

How to use Comé + Plantas

Its creators recommend Open it every day, ‘to see different vegetables’ From the season in transit. It depends on the context in which it is used, you can take a photo to receive information about an unknown product or by going the other way, looking for the drawing in the catalog.

Once selected, a media file Which works just like Instagram Stories. If you swipe to the right, more data will appear, as well Tips or “#NardaTips” To process food to take advantage of it and cook it with other ingredients.

These tips can be saved and will come in handy for other occasions. There is also an option “More” For those with a higher level of interest in vegetables.

In addition, the application allows you to filter by seasonal. Then, by selecting the month in which the user is, you will be able to find out which foods are recommended to be eaten on a particular date.

sum, There is information on more than 90 vegetables They belong to 30 different plant families. Each of them, defined by a background color so that those who are navigating the app, can easily identify which things can be combined with each other and that way, try new things and get out of the routine when it comes to cooking.

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