Shondaland “Bridgerton’s” invented a smartphone product demo with Samsung – Samsung Newsroom Malaysia

After 200 years in business, Samsung introduces the new Galaxy S22 series along with the successful Bridgerton series.

In front of an audience of tens of millions of people, Samsung presented its new smartphone at the “Galaxy Unpacked 2022” event in a completely unexpected way, making a video of Bridgeton in the world starring Queen Charlotte herself. Played by Golda Rocheval.

This project stems from Samsung’s longstanding collaboration with Netflix. It’s a large-scale project, involving over thirty on-screen actors, over a hundred off-screen talent and countless moving parts. After all, this reveal was unlike anything Samsung had done before: weaving imagination with realism and bringing the past into the present.

The film began more than 200 years ago, in the opulent Queen Charlotte’s mansion, where a series of aspiring inventors present their creations during the coveted ball. One of them is an inventor named “Lord Tristar”, who came up with the idea of ​​a matching device with an amazing color palette, capable of producing motion pictures, a large sensor camera, exceptional night shots, image stabilization and 30x zoom. He presents his invention in the form of massive new classic frames of the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Pleasantly surprised by the invention, the Queen appeared to invent the idea of ​​”presenting the product”, teaching the inventor how to present a “machine of this art”.

Then he asks, “When are you going to bring the final product to court?”

Lord Tristar replies, “Soon… after 209 years, Your Highness.”

The idea takes advantage of the famous anachronisms of the successful series. The Queen’s character perfectly captures the blurred lines between past and present, making her the perfect star of this timeline video.

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This video is a unique creative achievement. It was a true joint effort, with multiple entities working together to realize this artistic vision. The partnership between Samsung and Netflix is ​​backed by Slap Global, an independent agency specializing in accelerating business through creativity. Primo Productions provided directing skills to Nico Perez Vega. And it was all made possible thanks to a close collaboration with the storytelling pioneers of Shondaland.

Behind the scenes, everything was carefully planned down to the smallest detail. Queen Charlotte’s lavish throne required long-distance ground transportation from the UK. And the Queen’s stunning wardrobe was lifted straight from Bridgerton’s second season, giving fans a special peek.

All this is just the beginning. Samsung and Netflix will continue to partner and work together to bring new, fresh and unique content to audiences around the world at the intersection of creativity and technology.

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