Workshop on Social, Green and Sustainable Bond Issuance

The meeting was held within the framework of the Technical Schedule for Sustainable Finance and Consulting Responsible for PACT Group in the UK and the UK Embassy, ​​one of the main objectives of which is to enhance technical capabilities related to the issuance of these types of bonds.
Opening the workshop, CNV Director, Mónica Erpen, highlighted the ongoing work the organization has been doing since 2018 and the importance of having a clear consensus at both the public and private levels around the irreversible shift of finance towards a sustainable model. He also noted that continuity in actions aimed at promoting this cultural change is necessary because it is a process that will take years.
In the presentation, references are made to the guides, guidelines and products launched that CNV designed to popularize and encourage the approach of more issuers, brokers and investors to sustainable finance. Erpen explained that work is done not only on training but also on multidisciplinary working groups that seek to respond to different funding needs, from large companies and projects to small businesses, civic associations and cooperatives.
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