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ROME, April 19 (Prince Latina) Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi today added his voice to those who reject the Europa League soccer project, according to a statement issued by Palazzo Chigi, the seat of the executive.

Through a memorandum, Draghi emphasized that the government is closely following the debate on this issue and firmly supports the positions of the Italian and European soccer authorities, to preserve the national forces, the values ​​of merit and the social function of the sport.


WASHINGTON, April 19 (Prinsa Latina) The duel between Lucas Giuletto for Chicago White Sox and Natan Evaldi for the Boston Red Sox has been taking place today since Monday in Major League Baseball.

Both shooters started the regular season well as their teams did, so a close duel with only a few runs is expected, just like what happened on the double day they held on Sunday.


London, April 19 (Prensa Latina) Argentine Diego Schwartzman continues to lead the tennis army in Latin America, having been certified today ninth in the world rankings, led by Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Albiceleste collected 3720 points and beat Italian Matteo Berreteni in the top ten, who scored 3453, to close the luxury ten in the singles ranking.


Liverpool, United Kingdom, April 19 (Prinsa Latina) A group of fans of the English football club Liverpool, today, rejected the creation of the European Football League, which was established on Sunday by 12 of the most important representatives of the old continent.

Several “heavyweights” in world football, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Chelsea and Juventus, launched on Sunday the competition that will bring together 20 teams and intends to play from August with mid-season matches. every week.

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