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The new campaign, which takes advantage of the clear message of Plástico, one of the classics of artist Rubén Blades, seeks to raise awareness about the problem of excessive use of disposable plastic, by calling on residents to reduce their consumption, as waste has a huge impact. Negative impact on the environment.

Information from MarViva and Minae points to official data, which specifies that more than 800 marine animal species are affected by this detritus, including all types of sea turtles, more than 40 percent of cetaceans and 44 percent of seabirds.

Likewise, estimates continue to suggest that if timely measures are not taken, such as reducing the production, use and consumption of disposable plastics, the amount of waste in the oceans will triple by 2040.

Deputy Minister of Water and Seas Heidi Rodriguez noted that in 2020 they took an important step by banning single-use plastics from entering national parks and biological reserves.

For her part, MarViva Communications Director Melissa Alvarez reiterated the commitment to promote regulations compliant with international urgency, which continue to address the problem of pollution caused by single-use plastics from the life cycle approach.

This means, he explained, that it not only focuses on managing plastics as waste, but starts with reducing its use and consumption.

During the Plástico Reuse Show, they also revealed the Plastic Challenge, through Instagram, which is inviting “influencers”, opinion leaders and the general public to use their social networks to unite against the excessive use and consumption of disposable plastic.

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