A British man has been arrested in Germany for spying for Russia at the British Embassy

Alleged Russian spy arrested at UK embassy in Germany. A statement issued by the German Prosecutor’s Office said that David S., a 57-year-old British citizen, was arrested on Tuesday in the city of Potsdam in a joint operation between the police of the two countries.

The defendant may have leaked information to Russian intelligence in exchange for money. An investigation indicates that he has worked for at least one Russian spy agency since November 2020.

“We take very seriously the allegations that the intelligence activities of the detainee were carried out on behalf of a Russian intelligence service. The spying of a close ally on German soil by the intelligence services is not something we can accept, because what we will follow closely is what we will be following closely the investigations,” State Department spokesman Christopher Berger explained. new attorney general.

There is still no information on the exact amount of money this person received in exchange for the documents or how sensitive it is, but of course this is something that will strain the relationship between the UK and Russia., an already strained relationship for several years. It will also strain the relationship between Germany and Russia, which often goes through ups and downs, which it reached when Germany enters an election campaign.

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