Science and Technology Program in Municipal Schools »Municipality of Cordoba

  • The science and technology program of ALAS Municipal Schools, the PIEnsA program, continues to be developed.
  • The program has a collaborative dynamism that seeks to integrate evidence of scientific experience into the methodology, to enhance learning and content of social sciences, natural sciences, and technology education.

In the ALAS schools, the PIEnsA program of the Education Secretariat of our municipality in Córdoba, scholars from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Province of Córdoba have an educational place with a childhood of Córdoba.

Thus, in the School of Dr. Alfredo Orgaz in the San Jorge II district, teachers and students, together with Lic. María Elena Cordera, a project to build and strengthen my own identity, at the Julio González School in the Arenales neighborhood, the project he implements is called Healthy Eating, accompanied by Gabriela Zingaro’s BA.

At Dr. Cesar Romero’s school, in the Saatchi district, they, together with biologist José Toledo, research the exploitation of the local forests; At the School of Dean Juan I. San Martín, in the neighborhood of José Hernandez, are dedicated to the study of farm animals under the guidance of Dr. Gabriela Bruno; boss. Priscilla Piper and biologist Julita Seculin-Glore coordinate the activities of the “Exploring-me” Affectivity project at ESI with teachers and second-grade students from Carlos Becerra School, in the Los Plátanos neighborhood, and Dr. Martín Leiva coordinates the search for answers to influential questions posed by students of the Arturo Elia School, in Jose A. Diaz’s third division, Star Hunters Project.

“It is these activities that make educational demonstrations a reality that speaks to the importance of integrating knowledge domains,” said Dr. Alicia Olmos, Director of Learning and Professional Development.

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For her part, Lic.Cecilia Dellavedova explained that this “It is also a way of communicating to the public the knowledge that our scholars produce, and the main function and teaching of the Directorate of Science Disclosure.”

The Minister of Education Horacio Ferreira, in agreement with Dr. Javier Martin, considered the importance of continuing these activities, expecting, for the next year, that we will have an experience that includes a larger number of schools, and added that: “From the Municipal Schools Science and Technology Program, an exchange space is created where the professional knowledge of scientists and teachers and the curiosity of our children are combined, to enhance work with the contents of the curriculum spaces and to promote critical thinking in the participants of this experience.

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