“The doctor must have empathy”

Julio Armas, the emergency doctor, shared on his Instagram account a reflection on Diagnosis in the emergency room And the primary role of the doctor’s communication in it. The doctor asserts in his text that “difficult diagnoses force one to do so An extra dose of empathy and patience.”. “Treatment starts with respect,” he says.

“Crowded corridors, waiting rooms, and loud yelling are not the right ways to communicate,” the emergency physician says. “We must teach our patients positive coping strategies, listen and accompany them,” he wrote, stressing that “we must never judge or feel defeated.” He who does not achieve it does not fight less and does not make it worse. There are incurable diseases.Armas explains in his text.

For this reason, the doctor notes that when facing certain diseases, one should talk about “positive coping, not combat.” “These battles are neither desirable nor desirableWe must talk about courage, courage and resilience.”

Diagnosis in the emergency room: ‘You must have empathy’

“The best doctor is one who inspires hope,” Armas points out, as well as listening, comfort, accompaniment, and healing. “And the patient is our greatest challenge and our reason for being, We are personal doctors, And they feel too,” the doctor admits.

Finally, the emergency physician asserts that “the lessons they learn every day teach them that they are fortunate to dedicate themselves to what they like,” which is precisely why they “must put In every word an iota of sympathy and respect. He writes: “They call it an invitation, I call it commitment and love of neighbour.”

This thinking, praised by thousands of fellow professionals, has also been widely shared. Some doctors wrote about the text: “Exactly true.” While a health worker replied that “every relationship must begin with respect, as well as the relationship of the doctor to his patient.”

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