Russia intercepts a missile near Moscow and drones in Crimea

Russian air defenses object Ukrainian missile attack Russian authorities said on Friday that drones were deployed in the Kaluga region, southwest of Moscow, and several drones in Crimea.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said on Telegram that Kiev’s attempt to attack “civilian targets on the territory of the Russian Federation with a missile (…) has been thwarted.”

“It was the missile It was detected and destroyed air defense systems in the Kaluga region.

This bag did not explain the details of the “civilian targets” of the attack.

Kaluga borders Moscow regionIt has recently been the target of almost daily drone strikes, according to Russian authorities.

In addition, the governor appointed by Moscow in Sevastopol, Mikhail RazvozaevHe added that several drones were destroyed “at sea in the area of ​​Cape Chersonese” in the annexed Crimea.

The cape is located in the southwest of this peninsula, near Sevastopol, which hosts the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.

Moscow annexed it in 2014. Crimea It has been a frequent target of Ukrainian actions since the beginning of the conflict, but especially in recent weeks.

On Thursday, Ukraine announced that it had carried out a special ground operation on this peninsula, in which its soldiers raised the national flag on the occasion of the country’s Independence Day.

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