Uber Cel, the new service for Uber partners

Uber And FreedomPop México announced the launch of Uber Cel, a mobile and data service with various promotional plans designed for platform drivers and delivery partners.

The mobility company explained, through a statement, that the service is provided Unlimited browsing In the Uber app and navigation systems like Google Maps and Waze.

In addition, Members can use social networks Like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Plus there’s unlimited texting and calling in Mexico and the US, and an extra gigabyte flow.

The packages offered by the companies will provide from 3 GB to 17 GB and Prices will start at 200 pesos.

We know that delivery partners and drivers need to be connected at all times, whether it’s to receive a ride or order a ride, stay in touch with loved ones, liven up their journey through podcasts, or even anticipate something unexpected on the road. . . That’s why we’re so excited to announce Uber Cel, a service offered by FreedomPop, with which you can access Uber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps, Waze, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and more.

Mar Medrano, Uber’s director of communications in Mexico, noted.

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Partner support

The new service joins other initiatives implemented by the mobility app within its scope Uber Pro Membership Programsuch as the possibility to choose the region in which they drive, discounts in gyms, access to loans, financing solutions, among others.

For Uber, it’s important to listen to drivers and delivery partners for the app. Thanks to your feedback, we can work to improve your experience using our platform. Uber Cel is the result of this listening, as they share with us that having an accessible mobile phone and data plan is very attractive to them

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Medrano added.

Linking to FreedomPop will allow the new service to get Great coverage Recruitment can take place entirely remotely, depending on the companies.

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