Five Star Movement leaders announce agreement in Italy – Prensa Latina

This was announced by the current political leader of the M5E movement, Veto Karimi, during the meeting of the group’s parliamentary blocs in the Senate and the House of Representatives, where he also spoke about calling for a vote of registrars on the statute and the election of the president.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, said that we have always believed in dialogue and mediation rather than confrontation and debate, and confirmed the agreement in a message posted on his personal Facebook page.

In this way, Grillo and Conte resolved the controversy that arose between the two over the proposal to reorganize the movement formulated by the former Prime Minister and especially with regard to the role and powers of the President and Guarantor.

At a press conference on June 28, Conte emphasized his willingness to continue the mission of repairing the M5E, but without the ‘ambiguity and criticality’ of Grillo’s role as founder and guarantor of the organization.

In February of this year, the movement abandoned the hitherto proclaimed political line to become a liberal, moderate force, focused on the environment, and concerned with business and rights.

Conte then emphasized that M5E would continue to combat economic and social inequalities and job insecurity, being close to the needs of young people, families and businesses and a commitment to an environmentally sustainable future, in the interest of public morality and legitimacy.

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