Russia imposes sanctions on 39 British politicians and journalists

Moscow, August 1 (Sputnik): The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday that Russia has imposed sanctions on 39 British politicians, businessmen and journalists.

“As the UK government continues to implement the sanctions mechanism against members of the Russian public sphere, politicians, local economic workers and the media, it has been decided to engage a number of British politicians, businessmen and journalists who contribute to London’s hostile policy that seeks to demonize and isolate our country internationally,” the statement said.

The list published on the Foreign Office website includes former Prime Minister David Cameron, Foreign Office spokeswoman Helen Power Easton, several officials and several journalists, including the head of the BBC News Service, Jonathan Monroe.

The Russian diplomatic entity stressed that “given London’s destructive desire” to expand sanctions “with artificial and absurd pretexts”, Moscow will continue to work on expanding its own list.

On February 24, Russia launched a special military operation on Ukrainian territory, which was condemned by many countries, and therefore activated several batteries of individual and sectoral sanctions that seek to inflict as much damage as possible on the Russian economy, trying to put pressure on Ukraine. Moscow to end hostilities.

Since the end of February, hundreds of companies have announced the decision to suspend their business in and with Russia.

According to the database, after the start of the military operation, nearly 8,900 economic restrictions were imposed on Russia, which is now the country most affected by the sanctions, ahead of Iran, Syria and North Korea. (Sputnik)

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