PSUV: The UK steals from any country it can steal

The First Vice President of the Socialist United Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, rejected on Monday that the British judiciary insisted on rejecting last Friday the request for the Venezuelan state to access the gold reserves of the republic that are still blocked in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Bank of England since 2019.

“If the Malvinas are stolen, what else do you expect? They are pirates at sea. These decisions will not prevent us from recovering the Venezuelan gold by any means because these are provisions agreed between them and they cannot do anything without the permission of the United States.”

He stressed that this gold will soon reach Venezuela, denouncing that the United Nations (UN) is responsible for certifying information campaigns on Venezuela.

We hope that these decisions will be reversed and the gold will be handed over to the Venezuelans. They can’t do anything the United States won’t allow them to do, and that gives us the strength to know who we’re facing and who we’re fighting with,” Diosdado Cabello said.

We have been fighting these imperialist interests all our lives and here Venezuela stands firmly and is fighting, not only its leaders but its people. Venezuelans know that this gold will reach the country sooner rather than later. It is not surprising that any time they come and ask for anything we have here and that is when we will remind them of all (…) all the damage done to our country ». He added it in Venezuela There is a “government The legitimate president of Nicolas Maduro and the rest are comic.”

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Warning to oil companies

Cabello also referred to the case of international oil companies seeking to acquire Venezuelan oil.

He reiterated that the state owes nothing to the transnational oil companies returning to the country to export crude oil, quite the contrary.

“They are tactical alliances in a way, but we have set the conditions,” Capello said at the weekly Red Umbrella press conference.

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