Russia denies British statements about the situation with the BBC in Moscow

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Moscow (Sputnik) – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zagarova said that British officials’ statements about the situation with BBC Russia’s public broadcaster are wrong.

Russia decided, as reported earlier, Not renewing Sarah Rainford’s visa, BBC Moscow correspondent, a In response to the actions of the United Kingdom that discriminates against the Russian media. The journalist must leave the country before August 31. London believes that these steps exacerbate the situation with freedom of the press in the Eurasian country.

“We are obliged to stress that these statements are false,” Zagarova wrote on his Telegram channel, noting that the British side in its comment “cynically turned the situation upside down.” According to her, the objective reasons for what happened remain hidden, but baseless accusations and anti-Russian cliches appear.

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The diplomat confirmed that the date The conflict between the Russian and British media It has been going on since 2019, when a journalist from a Russian news agency and his relatives had to leave the UK without waiting for their visas to expire and without any explanation for such a measure.

Zakharova warned that attempts by the Russian media to send other reporters to replace the union representative were also unsuccessful, and noted that Moscow had repeatedly denounced the unacceptable nature of such methods, warning that it would have to respond in a similar way.

“Instead of listening to our urgent recommendations, London has chosen to deepen the complaint, agreeing to a whole series of unjustified personal sanctions against the citizens of our country,” the spokeswoman explained, stressing that the Russian action, unlike the British initiative, is only a reciprocal answer.

According to the diplomat, this step “has nothing to do with a violation of freedom of expression.”

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