Russia accuses the United States and the United Kingdom of “misleading” public opinion

The crisis he unleashed Russia For his possible attempt to invade Ukraine, he unleashed a harsh international response, especially from the West. The United States and the European Union She didn’t make them wait for a joint reply, which shows their absolute support for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russia has warned that the United States and its allies are preparing ‘big provocations’ To win public opinion in the face of the tense situation on the border with Ukraine and confirmed that they are manipulating public opinion with “tricks” to trywrong information».

Perhaps they are preparing for a series of major provocations. They are preparing for public awareness and opinion. For NATO and the Anglo-Saxons, it is very important to create this information environment. “If they do not, they will not be able to act,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zagarova told Rossiya 1 television.

Thus, Moscow responds to the accusations made on Saturday United kingdomwho accused Russia of preparing an operation to overthrow the Ukrainian government and install a president sympathetic to it.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has previously rejected this “nonsense” and called for an end to “provocations.” For Moscow, this “disinformation” is further evidence that it is NATO countries that are raising tensions around Ukraine.

Sweden protects the Baltic Sea via the island of Gotland

The escalation of the international crisis unleashed by Russia led Sweden to prepare for a possible invasion of Ukraine, which is why an important military unit was sent to the Baltic island. Gotland, Among other things to protect the Baltic Sea. «Starting today we will be more visible and we will be in important strategic places of a civilian nature».

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The Swedes also denounced several days ago that they had found several drones Swedish strategic enclaves, including nuclear plants or the royal palace itself. The security service announced the start of an investigation, fearing, among other things, possible reprisals from the countries of the east of the country.

Tensions between Moscow and the West have skyrocketed since Putin annexed Crimea to his borders. After this move, the OTAN He placed himself in the countries of the region, which made Putin describe these movements as “aggression».

The Russian President does not want NATO at the gates of his country, so he tries to do so Inclusion of different countries Under its influence and avoid joining the Western alliance, as in the case of Ukraine.

In addition to dominating Donbas or Crimea in the region, Vladimir Putin wants full control of black sea In addition to the former Soviet bloc countries, as confirmed by the former British officer, Van Orden.

Russia wants guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO

On the other hand, Moscow demanded to reach an agreement with it The United States of America and the European Union Written guarantee that Ukraine will not join NATO, as well as a treaty with the United States not to send military forces into various strategic enclaves such as Baltic Sea or Black Sea.

Swedish Minister of Defense, Peter Holtqvist, “It is clear that there are risks, and it is important to show that we are not naive, and Sweden will not be caught sleeping if something happens, we are taking the situation very seriously,” he stressed, referring to the movements of the Russian forces. .

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Finally, this weekend, the UK Foreign Secretary, les trussAccused Russia To try to create a similar system in Ukraine who would even have a specific name to be the new chief: Levin Murray.

“The published information sheds light on the scope of Russian activity that seeks to sabotage Ukraine and gives an idea of ​​the Kremlin’s thinking,” Truss said in an official statement. «Russia must de-escalate and end its campaigns of aggression misinformation and take the path of diplomacy.”

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