Jamie Dornan is having a great moment with ‘Belfast’ and ‘The Tourist’

One of the most memorable scenes in Belfast When you are personal Jamie Dornan He sings his wife (performed by Caitriona Balfe) the song “Eternal Love”. The lighting, choreography and costumes make the actor look like a morning idol.

While the movie continues to appear at award shows – its cast has been nominated for and linked with a SAG Award West side story With 11 Critics’ Choice Award nominations – Dornan says he’s been contacted “more than once” by “award commentators” asking him if he’d sing the theme song at the Academy Awards if the Academy asked him to.

“Unless I’m having a real and honest perspective, I really don’t know how to respond,” he says. “I would be absolutely terrified if I had to do something like that. `I remember a friend who was singing at the Oscars years ago, and I told him at the time, ‘I can’t think of anything worse than what you should do,’” he added, laughing.

It would be an unexpected move, but Dornan is fascinated by those with the ability to surprise. admin account BelfastAnd Kenneth Brana, between them. Prana has starred in television, theater and film projects, and has also directed films ranging from Shakespeare to Thor.

“How great his career is that everyone sees him as someone who is something different. I love that and he is an inspiration.

Starring Belfast Jude Hill alongside Judi Dench, Ciaran Hinds and Colin Morgan. The story is told from the perspective of the 9-year-old Hill’s character, so scenes with Dornan and Balf are sometimes obstructed in part because the camera only shows what the boy is seeing.

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Often obscuring a staircase, a door frame, or whatever he looks at, he hides near the corner. So you often end up in these really cool naked shots because that’s how it would look,” says Dornan.

The actor is also enjoying the success of his new series the touristIt is currently broadcasting in the UK and is coming to HBO Max this year. Dornan plays a man who wakes up in a hospital in Australia with amnesia and begins a zigzag race to find out who he is and what happened.

“The response in the UK to this series is crazy. It’s cool, because it’s kind of a crazy show, but in a positive way. And I just wanted people to be willing to travel with it because it has a unique tone.”

He thinks that the tourist It’s so amazing that “I’m not sure I know all the answers and I’ve seen everything.” He also says that one of his projects is that he really made it a point to watch because so many people were talking about it.

Like most people, television is a huge part of Dornan’s nightlife with his wife, musician Amelia Warner. He says his obvious favorite “like anyone with a TV” is Succession from HBO. “This is something to devour. We are also in the middle of it next door shrink, which I enjoy. You will see my wife and like that And I don’t. I’ll go and do some work.”

“Actually, I went to do something last night and she was going to see it and like that. Everything I was going to do was canceled and I came back and she was broken,” he laughs. “I said, you know what? You can spend your night.”

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Dornan, perhaps best known for the trilogy fifty gray faces, attributed to the 2013 TV series the fall change in his career. He said the fall, where he played a serial killer hiding behind a grieving counselor, continued to survive thanks to the broadcast.

“I was photographing Belfast Summer 2020 and everyone on the team was talking about it the fall in the group. I said: Are you watching? the fall? ‘. I noticed they just put it on Netflix in the UK.”

As Belfast continues to advance on the awards circuit, Dornan reads scripts to find out his next move. He also co-wrote the script for a movie last year that he hopes to make in the near future. He says writing is something he always does, but it’s hard to spend time on it.

“We have three children. Any moment in our private lives is crazy, so it is very difficult to find time, especially if you are working. You spend all your limited free time with children.” He says that during the pandemic lockdown, he was able to achieve more because he and his wife took turns taking the children so that each could do their jobs.

“My biggest fear is inactivity. I am fortunate to have been able to do so many different things, especially in the past few years. But that does not mean that I have no ideas beyond standing on my mark and saying my line. I want to do other things in this world.”

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