Represents District Teacher Barranquilla in Academic Immersion in the UK – Barranquilla Mayor’s Office

Representing Barranquilla’s district teacher in academic immersion in the UK

After a call that received 98 applications nationwide, 8 English teachers who are part of the “Promoters of a Culture of Improvement and Use of Learning Resources” strategy, were selected for the Ministry of National Education and the British Council

Direct ticket to the UK Luis Molina, an English teacher at IED José Consuegra Higgins, was counting down the hours to get to York and live in the language with 7 other teachers from the country.

The plane took off on Saturday and his flight will allow Molina to learn about new methodologies for teaching English, as well as to represent all English teachers in Barranquilla Province. The training will take place at York Associates and will last for two weeks.

Regarding their representation, the Mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pomarigo Haines, highlighted the work of Barranquilla teachers by saying that the city has “great human capital, committed to teaching English since childhood. Within a few years, when children and young people start graduating at a rate of 100% bilingual, Barranquilla is unstoppable.”

It should be noted that bilingualism in public schools is a significant commitment of the district administration, benefiting more than 91,000 students and 2,000 teachers and principals from 121 public educational institutions.

On her part, the Minister of Education, Bibiana Rincon, highlighted the importance of continuous training and updating of teachers, allowing their new knowledge to be transferred into the classroom.

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This strategy is being spearheaded by the Ministry of National Education and the British Council, with the support of the Regional Education Secretary, through the ‘I am Bilingual’ programme.

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At the national level, 8 English language teachers were selected who are part of the “Promoters of a Culture of Improvement and Use of Learning Resources” strategy. The call received about 98 requests from across the country.

For Lewis, living an international educational experience represented professional growth. “I am very excited that this program helps me increase my knowledge and get the tools needed to teach English in this modern world and thus be able to teach this generation who is becoming more aware of the importance of English every day in the world,” said the teacher.

Molina expressed that the 9th graders “are already on the verge of leaving the institution, and improving their communication skills is a key factor for us as an institution and for Barranquilla with a bilingual project”.

This unstoppable teacher understands that the English language connects Barranquilla to the world, and provides ample opportunities for growth. In the city, since 2020, the bilingual educational revolution has begun, and year after year its coverage has increased, aiming to reach 100% of students.

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