Free: Bungie, the Destiny studio, will be offering this trilogy for free on PC; The first game is available now

Thanks to aura, Bungie has established itself as one of the most beloved developer studios in the medium. But before the adventures Mr. President, surprised the community with an FPS game that quickly gained cult status. Nostalgic fans will be happy to know that they can now experience this title completely free on PC.

We’re talking about privilege Marathon, a sci-fi FPS game that marked a turning point in the genre. While players are eagerly awaiting more news about the new release, which will be a draw-as-a-service game with PvP elements, the company surprised Steam users with Great gift.

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Bungie’s Marathon is available for free on Steam

This was made in a brief statement through its communication channels. Benjy Confirmed that the original trilogy of Marathon Will finally come to steam. The good news is that the first delivery has already taken place Available for free On the platform.

These classic games from the ’90s are coming to the ecosystem valve On hand One thousand, a community group that has for years maintained the title engine as an open source project on its website. Although it’s unclear when the second and third installments will appear, the Steam page confirms that they will also be available Free shipping For all users.

Original Marathon Trilogy Coming to Steam; The first game is now available for free

Marathonnow known as Classic marathonfirst appeared in the original 1994 to Apple Macintosh It quickly became a classic, allowing it to have two series: Marathon 2 And Infinity Marathon. In this adventure, players take on the role of a security officer who must defend against an alien invasion on a ship Private ship.

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The re-release introduces new features, with the Bungie Classic remake featuring optional support for widescreen HUD, 3D filtering/perspective, positional audio and Over 60 fps. Judging by the description, it looks like fans will also be able to enjoy the original experience if they prefer.

As for the future of the franchise, that was recently discovered Joe Zieglerformer director of Valorantis now leading the new batch of Marathon. Although the project was announced in May last year, the release date and other essential details are unknown.

Fans will be able to play the first 3 Marathon games for free on Steam
Fans will be able to play the first 3 Marathon games for free on Steam

But tell us, are you a fan of the original games in this saga? Let’s read in the comments.

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