Radio Havana Cuba | Panama: José Raul Molino was declared president of the country

Molyneux, 64, promised to work tirelessly to deliver
Citizens are a country of dignity and opportunities. Image taken from Prensa Latina

Havana, May 9 (RHC) Panama’s National Audit Council on Thursday declared José Raul Molino president-elect of the Isthmian state, after he won the general election with 34.23 percent of the total valid votes.

The standard-bearer for achieving goals and coalition parties replaces former President Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014) in this popularly elected position, who was disqualified due to his sentence to more than 10 years in prison for money laundering and the granting of asylum at the Nicaraguan embassy.

Molyneux, accompanied by his wife Maricel Cohen – now First Lady – and other family members, will assume the presidency on July 1 for a five-year term, succeeding current Governor Laurentino Cortizo.

The newly elected Panamanian figure did not offer the role of vice president.

Cortizo recently announced that an orderly and transparent transition process will begin in the Isthmus country on June 3.

During the ceremony held at the Atlantic Pacific Convention Center (ATLAPA), in Panama City, the capital, JNE President Nivea Castrillon officially announced the election results.

The Declaration Law was read and signed in the presence of Electoral Court judges Alfredo Junca, Luis Guerra and Eduardo Valdés, leaders of social and religious organizations, election delegates and observers, as well as members of the diplomatic corps.

Castrillon stated that after 100 percent scrutiny of 40 minutes of electoral districts throughout the national territory and residents abroad, the authenticity of signatures and documents was confirmed, so that every citizen who voted was reflected in the result.

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According to JNE statistics, out of three million four thousand and 182 voters, two million 232 thousand and 864 voters attended to vote, with a participation rate of 77.65 percent.

The valid votes recorded amounted to two million 275 thousand and 179, or 97.53 percent. 38,582 ballots were invalid (1.65 percent), and 19,103 were blank (0.82 percent).

Molyneux (64 years old) promised to work tirelessly to provide a nation of dignity and opportunities for citizens, especially young people, through joint work with a legislative council that includes a majority of representatives through free nomination.

His proposal asserts that the domestic economy will grow by 7.0 percent. In his first words, he said that he would give priority to attention to the crisis that the Social Security Fund is going through.

The controversial measure of closing the border crossing in the Darien Forest, on the border with Colombia, has been put forward as a convincing measure to contain the increasing flows of illegal immigrants heading to the United States.

José Raúl Molino previously held the positions of Government (2009-2010), Security (2010), and Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs (April 2012).

He holds a degree in law and political science. He also earned a master’s degree in maritime law from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. (fountain: latin press)

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