The UK will show no mercy to those who hide that they have been in a country at risk of contracting the Coronavirus

The United kingdom Measures will be taken seriously so that the Coronavirus does not arrive from outside the islands. Thus, he will be ruthless with those who are Hide that they visited one of 33 countries with a high risk of contracting the Coronavirus.

Matt HancockThe British Minister of Health announced that those who do not tell the truth can be:He faces up to ten years in prison.

Those who have passed through any of these countries must include it on a form prior to entering the UK.

The measure, which will go into effect next week, will be accompanied by a Ten days of quarantine In a chain of hotels expressly authorized by the British government for those coming from these countries.

Additionally, they must Pay 1750 pounds for accommodation And if they violate this quarantine, they will have to pay another 10,000 in fine.

Hancock noted that those who comply with these procedures “expose everyone to danger,” which he considers completely justified.

This way, the The United Kingdom still does not change the list of countries Those that you consider dangerous. The vast majority of African countries and Latin America, while the only country in the European Union is Portugal, which succumbed to the effects of the Coronavirus despite being an example during the first wave.

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