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Little by little they reach us New rumors about the Redmi Note 14 Pro 5G phone. Everything indicates that it will be at the end of summer, Maybe in Septemberwhen Xiaomi introduces its new Redmi Note 14 series of phones with important new features, especially in its cameras.

As published Digital Chat StationOne of the best information filters, The new Redmi Note 14 Pro 5G will have the same display as the Redmi Note 13 Pro 5GThat is, 1.5K AMOLED, but with major changes at the design level. In addition, the camera will also be greatly improved.

Redmi Note 14 Pro 5G, new rumors tell us about its design and cameras

Apparently, the new Redmi Note 14 Pro 5G will debut with an improved design. The front part will be practically identical to the current generation, while the back will be significantly changed. If you go further, Everything indicates that its photography unit will be located in the central area And not on the side as is the case with the Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G.

The Redmi Note 14 Pro 5G will significantly improve its cameras

In addition to the Redmi Note 14 Pro 5G camera It will move from 200 megapixels to a new 50 megapixel sensor developed by SonyAlthough we are talking about a significant decrease in the number of megapixels, the quality of this new camera will be much higher, along with the optical stabilizer.

In short, the Redmi Note 14 Pro 5G indicates that it will be a natural evolution of the Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G, Noticeably improved in the photography department. In addition, its processor could also receive certain improvements, and there is even talk of the possibility of finding a file Snapdragon 8s 3rd generation As in POCO F6 5G.

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