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British Actors Survey

Survey of British Actors

he United kingdom It is one of the countries with the greatest cinematic traditions in the world. The European nation has given the world great talents and privileges. That’s why lately The poll asked Britons about their favorite starss.

The survey conducted by the English cinema chain, cinema show, Thousands of Englishmen asked what they hadFavorite British actors and actresses of the 21st century.

The results were good, but it turned out that the people’s favorite was none other than the actor. Tom Hardy And the actress Judi Dench.

The list is completed by world-famous actors such as Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Craig and Benedict Cumberbatch, and for their part, the most mentioned stars are Olivia Colman, Maggie Smith, Dame Helen Mirren, and others.

The study also asked about the favorite films in the European country. The winner in this category was Excellence, Harry Potter. At the same time, More than half of those surveyed said they preferred British films to Hollywood films.

Best in the UK

Given the high quality of British artists, the survey results are not too surprising. The survey developers talked about this topic, highlighting great local talent.

“Our studio celebrates the best of the UK. “It’s a showcase for all the talent we have among the actors and directors,” said Mark Barlow, director of Showcase Cinemas.

It’s great to see Judy DinkH as one number. “She is a true British icon and part of many of her countrymen’s favorite films.” He added Barlow.

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Check out the full list of those selected below:

Top 10 male stars in British cinema:

  1. Tom Hardy
  2. Sean Connery
  3. Anthony, Hopkins
  4. Colin Firth
  5. Daniel Craig
  6. Benedict Cumberbatch
  7. Liam Neeson
  8. Ian McKellan
  9. Gary Oldman
  10. Hugh Scholarship

Top 10 British Film Stars:

  1. Jude Dench
  2. Olivia Colman
  3. Maggie Smith
  4. Helen Mirren
  5. Kate Winslet
  6. Emma Watson
  7. Helena Bonham Carter
  8. Emily Blunt
  9. Julie Walters
  10. Keira Knightley

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