Recover your WhatsApp account: Follow these steps to ensure your privacy

Stolen phones must be reported to the phone company. Reuters/Dado Rovik/Illustration

Recovering a WhatsApp account after it’s been cloned or stolen is a relatively simple process if you act quickly.

Losing access to WhatsApp It can put the privacy and security of sensitive information at riskThat’s why it’s important to know the specific steps to regain income.

Losing access to WhatsApp can occur in two cases, and in each case it is necessary to act differently:

– Account access has been lost

If only the WhatsApp account is stolen, the user must log out of their current session and log in again using their phone number.

Criminals can clone a WhatsApp account when a user accesses a malicious link. (Illustrative image)

You must register again using the 6-digit code that will be received via SMS or phone call. After using this code to register, the criminal who was using the account will be automatically disconnected, since WhatsApp only allows registration with one phone number at a time.

You may be asked to enter your PIN for two-step verification. If this PIN is not known, the person who accessed the account may have activated this verification. In this case, you must wait seven days to access the account without a 2-step verification PIN.

– Loss or theft of the device

If the user loses or steals the device, the following actions are recommended:

WhatsApp stipulates that there can only be one active personal account on a phone. (picture information)

1. Contact your mobile phone provider as soon as possible to block the SIM card.

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2. Get a new SIM card with the same phone number and register it again in WhatsApp. To do this, you must enter the 6-digit code that will be received by SMS or phone call.

Once you use the 6-digit code to register a WhatsApp account again, the lost or stolen device containing the account will be automatically disconnected. WhatsApp allows registration with only one phone number at a time.

If the device is stolen, the first thing to do is notify the associated phone company. (picture information)

To protect your WhatsApp account, the following is recommended:

– Activate two-step verification: You must go to Settings > Account > 2-Step Verification > Activation. A six-digit PIN and email address are required to regain access if you forget your PIN.

– Use a strong password on your mobile device: It is important that the phone has a strong code, pattern or password to unlock it.

– Be careful with suspicious messages: Do not open links or download files from unknown sources, as they may contain malware.

– Privacy settings: You must adjust your account privacy to control who can see your profile picture, information, and status. To do this, you need to go to Settings > Account > Privacy.

The WhatsApp verification procedure is a process consisting of a few steps. (information)

– Do not share verification code: WhatsApp verification code received via SMS should not be disclosed to anyone.

– Close sessions in WhatsApp Web: If you use WhatsApp Web, it is necessary to log out after using it, especially on shared computers.

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– Keep software updated: It is essential to keep the WhatsApp app and phone operating system updated to protect against recent vulnerabilities.

Implementing these measures will help keep your WhatsApp account safe from unauthorized access and attacks.

It is important to make frequent backups to avoid losing chats. (Illustrative image)

If a user creates a backup on Google Drive or iCloud before losing their phone, they may be able to restore their chat history.

The steps to make a backup are:

1. Go to the WhatsApp settings section.

2. Select “Chats” then “Backup”.

3. Set backup frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly)

4. Set the Google account where you want to save the backup.

5. Click “Save” to manually start the backup process.

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