As China increases its operations in the South Sea, Vietnam is urging Beijing to respect its rights

Thu Lam takes the oath of office after being elected president at the National Assembly in Hanoi, Vietnam (Pham Trung Kien/VNA via AP)

Newly elected president Vietnam He said this Tuesday that relations with China is a priority, but he stressed that both countries must respect each other’s maritime rights and interests, amid Beijing’s increasingly assertive actions in the region. South China Sea.

To Lformer Vice Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Steering Committee in the capital Hanoi This inspired an anti-corruption attack inspired by a similar campaign by the Chinese president Xi JinpingThis came during his meeting with the Chinese ambassador Sheung Boheld on Tuesday in Hanoi.

The president, who was elected three weeks ago, stressed that “the two sides should strictly implement high-level agreements and common perceptions, better control and resolve disputes at sea, and respect the legitimate rights and interests of the other party.” He added that they must “actively search for satisfactory solutions in accordance with international law, especially the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.”

The meeting comes in the context of tension due to disputes over territorial claims in the South China Sea, which is called the East Sea in Vietnam.

last week, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vietnamese He expressed his deep concern about the presence of A Chinese survey ship in its exclusive economic zone. At the same time, Hanoi The company has rapidly expanded its dredging and dumping operations in the South China Sea over the past six months, according to a recent report from the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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In addition to Vietnam And Chinain territorial disputes over islands and atolls in the region were also involved Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan. Chinese actions have sparked tensions and protests, especially with… Manilawhile other Southeast Asian countries with significant economic ties to China have not criticized Beijing to the same extent.

An aerial view shows the BRB Sierra Madre ship on the disputed area of ​​Second Thomas Shoal, known locally as Ayungin, in the South China Sea (Reuters)

On the other side, To L Asked China Opening its markets further to Vietnamese products and reiterated its readiness to do so Hanoi To promote bilateral exchanges, including among senior officials.

He said, according to the official news agency of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that “Vietnam considers friendly relations and cooperation with China a strategic and priority choice in its foreign policy based on independence, self-reliance, pluralism and diversification.”

For his part, Chinese Ambassador Xiong Bo said during Tuesday’s meeting that China “will work to better control and resolve disputes at sea” and that he envisions the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries will develop “in a healthy way.” stable” and will bring “practical benefits” to its people.

The meeting between they The Chinese ambassador comes two months after the Chinese President’s visit to Hanoi Xi Jinping in April. In that opportunity, Xi urged Hanoi to use “political wisdom” to manage relations with Beijing.

As a response, Phung Dinh HueThe President of the Vietnamese National Assembly reaffirmed Hanoi’s independent and independent foreign policy.

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Finally, Lam urged China To advance bilateral relations in light of the future The 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries next year. To L He pointed out that the “traditional friendship” between the two neighbors is characterized by “friendship and brotherhood” that must be preserved, inherited and strengthened.

Tuesday meeting in Hanoi Conclude with common interest in expanding trade exchanges and enhancing cooperation in areas protection And infrastructureIt is a common goal since the visit Xi Jinping To Vietnam last December, where 37 cooperation agreements were signed.

In particular, the Vietnamese leader also expressed his desire to strengthen cross-border railway communications and cooperate with China in developing standard gauge railways in Vietnam’s northern provinces.

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