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Hermosillo. Neither the discrimination nor the constant mockery of some people overcame the great momentum of Raphael Hilton and his love for life, as he is 31 years old, the first young man with Asperger to graduate from a career in communication sciences at Sonora University.

“I am the first student with Asperger and have an average of 9.1 in the history of Unison’s Bachelor of Communication Science,” he proudly said.

“ Unfortunately, in my career, I suffered discrimination from three teachers because of my way of thinking, they even told me that I was an idiot, that I did not possess the ability, and I could not become a good professional, but for me at that time he helped me put myself in their place And they understood that they were not aware of my abilities. “

Today is World Asperger Syndrome Day and is celebrated every February 18th, in honor of the birthday of Austrian psychiatrist Hans Asperger, who discovered this autism spectrum disorder.


Although life was not easy for Raphael at times, since it was difficult for him to mingle with others, accepting himself was an essential point of growing personally.

The presence of unconditional love and support from his family and close friends, who made him see that his condition does not make him less than others, only different, but difference can be very good.

As I got older, supporting my family helped me get through when I had no diagnosis of Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. ”

He said, “At school they always saw me as a stranger, calling me crazy and sick, but my family was always there, as were the friends and people I knew all my life and became important people.”

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Hilton said she struggles every day to accept her condition and works to overcome obstacles in her path.

He claimed that he was aware of the great capabilities he possessed as a human being, both personally and academically.

For schools and educational institutions, he recommended that they be more inclusive and supportive with those who have any special condition, because he believes that this will be a major point that must be diagnosed in time.

He is a huge cinema lover and admirer of producer Dana Goldberg, who bears his phrase in his memory: “Every hard work has a good result.”

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