NASA lands again on the red planet to explore it and bring samples to Earth

The persistent rover made history by landing on Mars This Thursday after a successful regression maneuver. Exceeded Seven minutes of horror NASA had previously listed it when describing in detail what the Jezero crater landing would be like. Once it reaches the surface of the red planet, perseverance will capture images of Mars and send them back to Earth.

What next to persevere

In the coming days, NASA engineers will remotely check the status of the rover, which will take about a month, while a flight program is loaded to prepare to search for microbes or signs of life on Mars.

Meanwhile, the team The versatility of a helicopter Who has traveled to the red planet, will make sure that his small but powerful robot is it Repeat for the first attempt at controlled, aerodynamic flight on another planet.

Mimi Ong, Creative Project Manager, indicated during the broadcast of the event that the team will work in the following weeks to make sure the robot has a successful flight and that the images will reach Earth.

We can’t wait until the spacecraft and helicopter are safely on Mars and ready for action.

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover was launched to the Red Planet aboard the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on July 30, 2020. The robot will collect ground samples and search for signs of life, which will be sent to Earth in 2031.

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