Astrazeneca’s contract was signed with the United Kingdom after the European Union contract

Vaccine deficiency in European Union Worsening for weeks due to disagreements with the pharmacist AstraZeneca. Today we know the contract this laboratory signed with United kingdom. Contrary to what Astrazeneca advocated, they have never signed it before.

The UK had not signed with Astrazeneca three months earlier than the European Union. The pharmacy explanation collapses with the need to meet the British first. London took place on August 28 and Brussels on the 27th. Prices, quantities and delivery schedules are also subject to control in his contract. But the formula of “making the best possible effort” is repeated.

Astrazeneca is the vaccine that is injected at the largest vaccination center in Belgium: 5,000 doses per day, seven days a week. Not lacking in detail: a relaxation area, TV screens, trees … and we even saw an emergency call.

The doctor explains: “We will work faster if the vaccines arrive faster, but I assume they will eventually.” Alberto Lanio.

130 countries without a vaccine

The United Nations condemns the distribution of vaccines unfair and unfair. Only ten countriesMany Europeans were the ones who had given 75% of all vaccines distributed. Meanwhile, more than 130 You have not yet received a single dose.

“We have to make sure that everyone, everywhere, can be vaccinated as quickly as possible,” he says. Antonio GuterresSecretary General L. HIM-HER-IT. All to fight a pandemic that has killed nearly two and a half million people

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