Getting to Your Happy Place could be your new mantra for happiness and well-being.

Niklas Palmquist, Commercial Director, OriflameOriflame compliment

His words certainly resonate when you think of the catchy phrase that underpins this campaign’s title: “Find Your Happy Place,” a call to encourage and inspire people to find and appreciate their own personal moments of happiness and well-being, something that is hard to achieve. Perhaps, but thanks to Palmquist’s expertise in OriflameEverything has a logical and precise meaning to achieve: “The reason I am still with this company after 21 years without changing my job is because we offer you the opportunity to change your life and earn a little extra money, or maybe a lot.”, but also look at personal development, and enjoy a richer life not only in the financial aspect. During these years I have met many people who have found their happy place, and who are living better lives than before. Listening to their stories has inspired me, and this is what makes me wake up every morning, go to work and help more people achieve their happiness.

Oriflame He invites us to be part of this campaign, a commitment to mental health more than physical activity as usually defined at work. “Yes, there are many activities you can do OriflameLearn about products, do your makeup, learn about skincare, and if you are an entrepreneur, add the business aspects applied to the digital platform and learn how to operate it. Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to spend years in university, everyone can come. Oriflame“Be successful, learn how to make this a business and gain skills on how to influence social media, sales and leadership,” Niklas Palmquist says forcefully at the end of the conversation.

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