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eFor a very conservative clergyman Ibrahim RaisiThe head of the judiciary achieved a landslide victory in the Iranian presidential elections, according to the preliminary results, and he was previously congratulated by his competitors.

Head of the Electoral Commission and Deputy Minister of the Interior. Yamal Orf, reported that Raisi received 1,780,000 votes out of a total of 28,600,000 votes counted so far, i.e. 62%.

Those 28.6 million votes, though not the final total, indicate a lower turnout than previous rounds, in which more than 59 million Iranians were called to the polls.

The other three candidates were Mohsen Rezaíwhich received 3.3 million votes; Abdel Nasser Hematy, which achieved 2.4; s Amir Hussein Qazizadeh Al Hashemi, Million. It is understood that the rest of the votes were empty or invalid.

The only moderate candidate who participated in the elections, the former central bank governor Hamati, admitted that the hard-line conservative cleric was the winner in a message on his Instagram account.

Hamati expressed his hope that “the next government that will take power in August will improve the conditions of the population and bring pride to the Islamic Republic.”

Governors also congratulated Rezaei, Secretary of the Council of Cassation and MP Qaziz Zadeh Hashemi Raisi, on his victory and wished him success.

“The elections demonstrated once again that the Iranian nation does not hesitate to protect and strengthen the Islamic regime,” Rezaei said in his message.

In yesterday’s presidential election, Raisi’s victory was clear due to the weakness of his opponents, and what generated more uncertainty was participation, which is very important for legitimizing Iran’s clerical regime.

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Moderate incumbent President Hassan Rouhani also congratulated the president-elect, though he was not named because by law they have to wait for the official announcement of the results.

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