Sergio Massa, between harmony with Alberto Fernandez and pressure on the International Monetary Fund during a successful tour of the United States

Sergio Massa at the Argentine Consulate in New York

New York The midday sun overwhelmed Manhattan and two key players in the future of Argentine politics intersect without seeing each other. Maria Eugenia Vidal, a wide, white cotton summer dress, walks seriously and fast with her partner, Kiki Sacco, on Fifth Avenue. only 50 meters away, Sergio Massa He meets representatives of banks and investment funds in a large room in the Argentine Consulate.

Each guest at the table carries a leather-wrapped copy of Argentina’s National Constitution. Those constitutions were the institutional share in the arsenal of gifts that the Speaker of the House of Representatives moved for a week in the United States, A country that has not seen many Atlético Tigre shirts in its history. Not to mention the one that says “Clinton” on the back.

Sergio Massa hands over the Atletico Tigre shirt to Bill Clinton
Sergio Massa hands over the Atletico Tigre shirt to Bill Clinton

Massa summed himself up as “the wines, the mates, the constitutions, the Tigre shirt and Argentina” InfobaeSatisfied and relieved after a ride that left his companions as tired as they were happy. Thursday night ended very late, after three and a half hours of dinner with former President Bill Clinton. During his time in Washington and New York, Massa also met with senior representatives from the White House National Security Council (NSC), the State Department, the financial world, and the American Jewish community.

Oddly enough, and despite the fact that nearly all of these people repeatedly talk about the International Monetary Fund (IMF), loan surcharges, the new Special Drawing Rights (SDR) destination and the need for it, the Washington-based body stops proposing “canning” and “reviewing” For its attitude towards Argentina, Massa’s agenda did not include any meeting with representatives of the International Monetary Fund.

Do you talk all the time about the International Monetary Fund and you haven’t talked to anyone in the fund? Massa made a poker face when asked. He only said that he held “public and non-public meetings” this week in the United States.

Something that could have something to do with the warm congratulations President Alberto Fernandez has repeatedly sent to the leader of the Renewal Front of the “hotline” they have kept on WhatsApp all the time this week. “Sparkling, radiant, radiant,” said the chief to Massa.

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But the hottest phone was the phone of the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán, whom Massa asked for all sorts of technical details “so as not to spoil”. Basic precautions, especially if you have meetings with staff from the International Monetary Fund. Massa, who is especially interested in his relationship with the United States, admitted: “I drove Martin crazy, asking him for a lot of details.”

Thus, “neither Yankees nor Marxists, Peronists” has a somewhat relative meaning for Massa whom Raúl Alfonsín wowed at the age of eleven by reciting the preamble to the Constitution, as a teenager he became enthusiastic about Alvaro Alsugaray’s UCeDé and at the age of eighteen he belonged to the Peronist – Graciela Camanyo.

Massa, who is well aware that the main aspects and very important issues of Argentine politics pass through the leading world power, analyzed: “From Braden or Peron, Argentina has something double in the relationship with the United States.”

Sergio Massa and Juan Sebastian Gonzalez, Latin American advisor to President Joe Biden
Sergio Massa and Juan Sebastian Gonzalez, Latin American advisor to President Joe Biden

Without a smooth relationship with that country’s power factors – and not just with its government – many things become much more difficult. Not to mention if you want to rule Argentina from 2023. Vidal, who has already said yes, that he wants to receive the presidential wand from Fernandez on December 10 of that year, has a deep conviction: if she is president, the opposition of the United States will travel with her to explain what she wants The Argentine political class as a whole has to do, not just the government. With the government alone that wouldn’t be enough, I understand.

And Masa? Do you want to be Fernandez’s successor? The question came to him in various ways during his US days, but as a good athlete he was able to divert attention to another sector of the field and get rid of the sticky mark of those pressing questions. Suggest another story: the new sparkler, the man who no longer takes a step in thinking about the next five.

“I’m going to confess something to you,” Massa told Michael Schifter, president of American Dialogue, this week. “My political career for a long time has been marked by challenges of more. It has occurred to me that all the time more than enjoying my responsibility and for my moment I have been thinking about what is to come. I suppose it is because of my own frustrations and my own mistakes that I have learned to do what I should do well and not to think about tomorrow. The coalition gave me a chance. new after my electoral failure in 2017.” He said the same to President Fernandez in a “semi-intimate talk,” he said.

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The State Department revealed on Tuesday, a day of multiple and important meetings for Massa Infobae His “disappointment” at Argentina’s abstention on the resolution submitted by the United States to the Organization of American States. Many other politicians would have been affected by this coup in the midst of the seduction of the various forces of the United States, but Massa is convinced that it does not affect the relationship between the two countries.

Speaker of the House of Representatives He prefers to emphasize his meetings with the American Jewish community, in which he explained the meaning of Argentina’s vote at the United Nations, when the Commission on Human Rights supported an investigation into Israel. Only the United States occupies so much interest in Massa’s international relations that in 2017 he traveled to Israel with his adviser on international affairs, Gustavo Martinez-Pandiani, and met then-leader of the Labor faction in the Knesset, Isaac Herzog. Four years later, Herzog is the new president of the State of Israel.

Sergio Massa during a meeting in Tel Aviv in 2017 with Isaac Herzog (white shirt), today's President of Israel
Sergio Massa during a meeting in Tel Aviv in 2017 with Isaac Herzog (white shirt), today’s President of Israel

Massa’s advisors assert that this is the harvest of the patient’s transplant, and he is able to convince almost any interlocutor: Argentina, because of its own history, always supports a human rights investigation, he also told local Jewish organizations at the three meetings that he was in Washington and New York, where he met the powerful Jack Rosen. This same principle, however, is not the one that has been applied with Nicaragua, where above all the profound rejection of Casa Rosada and Palacio San Martín of the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, prevailed.

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“You are all portfolio managers and you are savers,” Massa told his interlocutors during the meeting at the Argentine Consulate in New York on Friday. “I represent the country of Argentina. I will speak in Spanish,” he added.

The head of the renewal front is very careful when he talks about sensitive issues and he is not 100% in control. It was different Thursday night, which I spent speaking in English with Clinton at an Italian restaurant in suburban New York. He has also repeatedly appealed for some comments and words in this language in his many meetings since last Sunday. Not, however, when the issues are economic or hypersensitive.

On Sunday, Massa will already be in Argentina to return to the House of Representatives on Monday. He leaves “very happy” after his week in the United States, in which he achieved more than he expected, especially with regard to “awareness” of Argentina’s problem with the International Monetary Fund.

A few frantic days in which the Washington government’s disappointment with the vote in the OAS was not the issue that moved him the most. No, Massa’s most unexpected moment came on Tuesday night in the beautiful building of the Argentine Embassy in Washington.

The agenda saw a dinner with investors, but the cover of “Karas” magazine appeared on his mobile phone. Fernando Galmarini, Carlos Menem’s former sports minister, but in particular his father-in-law, is Moria Kazan’s new boyfriend. In the world of “Fake News”, Massa wanted to make sure that what he was reading was true, and that Moriah became a new member of the extended family. The confirmation came to him in the middle of dinner via Malina Galmarini, Fernando’s daughter and wife. This was not expected

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