Putin demands more security from the US, at his annual press conference – Juventud Rebelde

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed, Thursday, as part of his annual press conference, that it is the United States that places missiles near the borders of the Eurasian state, and not Russia at the gates of Washington, according to what was reported by international media.

“Is it too much to ask that no attack system be placed near our house, so what’s strange?” asked the Russian president during his annual press conference.

The President called on Washington to provide security guarantees amid the tense atmosphere that characterized bilateral relations. Putin insisted that “they should give guarantees immediately,” noting that in 1999 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) pledged not to expand by a centimeter eastward.

In this regard, he stressed that the Atlantic Alliance has experienced five stages of expansion.

Similarly, Putin stressed that pressures on Russia respond to the fact that some Western governments consider the Russian region to be too large despite the break-up of the USSR.

“In his opinion, Russia today is too big, because European countries themselves have become small,” Putin explained.

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