Promperú will seek to position the Qatari brand through film and exhibition sites

As part of the image strategy and Brand countryPromperú announced that our nation will strive to become a tourism powerhouse in Latin America in 2021, through movie sites and exhibitions.

movie sites

Regarding filming in our nation, Amora Karpajal Schumacher, CEO of bromperú, reported that the entity’s strategy office was responsible for advising all those interested in filming in the national territory.

“Peru has lost some important options because we did not provide facilities, and now Prompero has the ability to do all the steps,” the leader told the Congressional Foreign Trade Committee.

Along these lines, Karbagel specified that the organization he represents works in a cross-sectional and detailed manner with the Department of Transportation (MTC), Ministry of CultureAnd Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Immigration Office To provide facilities to film production companies without giving or receiving any kind of remuneration.

“The attention that is given to all those interested is just that we do not invest anything, we do not ask for any payments, it is simply the support that is given so that they can come to Peru to shoot,” the official said. Explained during presentation.

However, Carvajal declared that bromperú Already developing a standard tax incentive proposal in conjunction with MEF and the Ministry of Culture.

according to bromperúAnd From 2019 to date, 42 services have been provided, of which 16.7% are national and 83.3% are international.

In 2020, advice was given to 16 countries interested in registering on Peruvian soil. The top five were topped by the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Argentina and Uruguay.

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Whereas so far in 2021, more than 20 interests have already been registered, and the most requested countries are the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Chile and Peru.

Expo Dubai

Peru will be participating in Expo Dubai Which will take place in the city of the same name, in the United Arab Emirates, which will take place from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

“We are present this year and as a country, we are really evaluating the opportunities that being present at a world fair presents, because they are very important both for the brand of the country and for the image, but also for the generation of business,” Karvajal said.

The birth of Peru in the world

Likewise, it turns out that Saint Peter’s Square, in the Vatican, would have the honor of receiving the birth of Chupca (Huancavelica) as part of the celebration of Christmas in 2021.

Carbagal realized that the future exhibition was achieved thanks to negotiations with the Trade Office and the Peruvian Embassy in the Holy See.

The sample was commissioned to five craftsmen who produced the certified pieces. In addition, this activity is led by the Huancavelica Regional Government with the support of Promperú and has an estimated media impact of more than $13 million.

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