The application that re-releases the famous game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”

Among the many apps developed by Colombian digital entrepreneurs, Trimi or Trivia Millonaria, a free app that rewards the knowledge and culture of its players with live games in the best “Who wants to be a millionaire?” It is a Colombian historical television programme. This app gives money to those who get the best scores in trivia that is done online, every day of the week at 8:00 PM.

The game, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, offers prizes of over 300,000 pesos, which can be claimed through digital products such as Nqui or Daviplata. “The dynamic consists of answering 10 questions, each in 10 seconds, on categories such as sports, entertainment, art, science, and current affairs; whoever gets it right becomes the winner. If there are many winners, the system distributes among them. One of its developers said.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” It is an original program from the United Kingdom and first broadcast in 1998, in which participants answer certain questions on different topics, increasing their level of difficulty as the stages of the game progress. In Colombia, the program was carried out by Caracol Televisión from 2000 to 2012, after which the broadcasting rights were acquired by RCN. Presenter Paulo La Serna Phillips is best known for being the host of the competition on all of its radio programmes.

Form “Who wants to be a millionaire?” , consists of 5 first questions that participants answer easily, although the difficulty increases from there. However, upon reaching certain amounts, the contestant receives a prize and decides whether to continue to advance or withdraw, bearing in mind that after answering the “last word”, there is no going back. The program’s first prize in Colombia was 300 million pesos, and a 19-year-old participant won it in 2011.

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