Prince Harry denounces that they did not protect him like his brother

Since the premiere of his documentaries, he has become the prince Harry and Meghan Marklewho were honored At the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights 2022 Ripple of Hope GalaShe continues to reveal the uncomfortable positions of the royal family.

in one of the testimonies Teaser From the second part of the series, the Duke of Sussex mentioned that the British royal family never prioritized the safety of their family.

Being more powerful, Harry commented that the royal establishment lied to protect his brother Prince William And his family. However, the royal family was denounced because of an unfair split between him and his older brother.

“Seeing this manipulation…they are happy to lie to protect my brother, but they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us,” Harry says in the trailer released Monday.

What happened in the first part of the “Harry and Meghan” series?

Series starring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle start talking about the beginnings of their relationship, specifically that their first sighting took place through social networks. And how they dealt with the distance before their engagement.

As the episodes progress, the Dukes of Sussex talk about what they experienced with the royal family and the racist sector in the United Kingdom.

“In this family, sometimes you’re part of the problem, rather than part of the solution,” Harry said in the third episode. “There’s an enormous level of unconscious bias. The thing about unconscious bias is that it’s not really anyone’s fault, but once it’s pointed out to you or identified within you, you have to correct it.”

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Prince Harry and Prince William at the procession of the remains of Queen Elizabeth IIGetty Images

within the confessions Harry also mentioned the mistake he made in 2005, when he used a swastika at a fancy dress party. And how he decided to learn from it rather than ignore it.

“I could have just shrugged it off and moved on and probably made the same mistakes over and over in my life, but I learned from them,” Harry said in the series.

What to expect in the second volume of “Harry & Meghan” that is about to come out?

In the second part of the Netflix documentary – which will premiere on December 15 – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will talk about the event that occurred in 2020, when Harry and Meghan decided to step down from their positions as the main members of the royal family.

Megan commented Teaser. “They were taking away our security. Everyone knows where we are.”

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