Luis Diaz’s wife went to the player for surgery

back Luis Diaz To the fields it was due For this Friday face Milan In a friendly before returning to Official competition in England, however, the Colombian striker He has suffered a major setback to his knee injury and will now be out for more than three months.

With a not very encouraging outlook for the Colombian footballer who was fantasizing about preparing for the match on December 22nd against Manchester city. His absence, which will continue for a long time, will see him out of matches Very important to Liverpool.

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get rid of League Cup on December 22, “Lucho” Diaz He is estimated to return in mid-March, during which time the Colombian will miss fourteen games.

The news broke very badly around the Liverpool world, as they had previously attended Guajiro to face crucial matches in Liverpool. Champions League and English football.

This Monday Luis Diaz visited operating rooms in England and had to undergo an important operation An operation on his knee will take him off the field for several weeks. This was undoubtedly a very important psychological blow to the Colombian’s career, as “Lucho” was living one of his best moments as a football player in the UK.

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A message from his wife

in the face of grief The player for not being able to accompany his team in the coming weeksThe emotional blow could be more significant if he did not have the accompaniment of his relatives. That’s why Geraldine Ponce, his wife and mother of his daughter, Share an encouraging message and thus give him strength.

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“Sometimes the hardships that come into our lives prepare us to find ourselves on an unusual path, on a better path. Right now, patience and strength are essential, but above all, the love of family. We are all here for you, as always, and we will see you rise stronger.” . We love you “.

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with this fact, Diaz will not return to action until after the English classic against Manchester United Next March 4, 2023.

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