President Lenin Moreno on Augusto Briones: ‘Nobody brings a corrupt mark on their foreheads’

President of the Republic Lenin Moreno, He talked about the final days of his administration, in an interview with Andrea Bernal from NTN24It was broadcast on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 14, 2021. The President spoke about the transitional process with the President-elect, Guillermo LassoWhat or what Think of a meeting at the Carondelet PalaceNext Monday 19.

When asked if he leaves the “serving table” for the future president, he said no, “I think it never will be, I think.” What might be – as Moreno pointed out – “the conditions for moving forward, Revive the economy, communicate with The vaccination program The Ecuadorians will be allowed to return to work and that we have all started on the path of development. “

The head of state said that the task of his replacement in leadership would not be an easy one. “He himself knows that no, he will be Very difficultBecause you have to deal with everything, including a fierce, stubborn opposition that has always tried to overthrow us, as in October (2019).

Offered a Orderly transmissionPeaceful, “because it’s the right thing to do.” He reiterated that the meeting with Lasso also provides for a dialogue between his wife, Rossio Gonzalez, s Maria de Lord AlsevarThe wife of the president-elect, “transmit to him everything he was working on.”

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The Chair also referred to Jose Agusto Briones arrested, Former Secretary-General of the Presidency and Minister of Energy, identified by the Office of the Attorney General Basem The “leader” of a criminal structure Associated with the company Petroecuador.

He stressed that he respected the role Prosecutor’s Office To conduct investigations to determine responsibility for the facts, but that issue did not hide It is painful. “If he had done it, it didn’t seem, nobody came up with A rotten sign on his forehead. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any reason to think otherwise, but if he is to blame, then justice will know how to do its job. ”He is also being held in the same case. Pablo Sele, Comptroller General of the State.

Moreno admitted that he regretted agreeing to the intervention 2017 elections. But he said he had surrendered to “the insistence and almost begging of the former president (Korea) who painted an extraordinary panorama for me. Then, when he was forced to take action, he affirmed that I regretted leaving it behind Focused on “planting the future.”

In regards to his low popularity, according to survey data, Moreno believes everyone is Opinion polls are opposed. But he realizes that popularity drops in difficult times. “Being famous is one thing and doing the right thing is another.” He said he expects a little bit of history and that he is not one of Heads of state They want to be remembered and create memorials “in which pigeons do their job”.

What will you do after your state? Moreno hopes to lecture on optimism and freedom again. You also want to get back to what you’re passionate about, which is Conclusion studies and quantum mechanics “To be able to emulate human qualities.” He confirmed that he intended to stay in the country, although he did not know if he had any International show “Just as Ban Ki-moon appointed him as a special envoy of the United Nations to train in Geneva.”

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Moreno asked at last Sorry to the Ecuadorian people For mistakes made. “Humans are that dialectical group of successes and mistakes. There is always a request for forgiveness, but there is also a lot of thanks to the Ecuadorian people for allowing me to serve them, for allowing me to be a leader in this return to life. A complete and real democracy“.

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