The largest rabbit in the world was stolen from the United Kingdom

UN Kidnapping These days the symposium is arguing on United kingdom To the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. The victim was’DariusIt is neither more nor less than The largest rabbit in the world On Saturday night he was taken from his home on a farm in Stolton, In Worcestershire County.

Logically its owner, Annette Edwards, Cares and has offered nothing less than a reward One thousand pounds sterling For any work that leads to his return.

Darius measures no more than this 1.29 meters high, And in 2010 it was recognized through the book Guinness Records as the largest rodent in its genus (by that time, meda ‘only’ 98 cm). His age is important in this fact because it may have been stolen to raise others of the same size. However, according to Annette Edwards, she’s just too big for that education.

The Shelves West Mercia is investigating events and has made a telephone line public for information.

In the United Kingdom, country Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, Stolen football world cup. Stealing the crown jewels is also a recurring theme in their popular culture. There is indeed another mystery …

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