Pre-trial hearing against Peruvian neo-liberal leader Prensa Latina postponed

Judge Victor Zuniga granted the prosecutor’s office’s request and the defense of Fujimori and 41 other defendants agreed to postpone examination of a set of statements.

The new phase, called control of the indictment, can last for three years and consists of checking whether the prosecutor’s indictment, who requested 30 years and 10 months in Fujimori prison, complies with the provisions of the penal code.

The list of defendants includes Fujimori’s American husband, Mark Vito Villanella, members of his political environment and others involved in the crimes attributed to them, money laundering, criminal association, falsehood, and obstruction of justice.

The charges refer to millionaire money secretly received from companies such as Brazilian Odebrecht and others, for Fujimori’s 2011 and 2016 election campaigns that the defendants tried to hide to legitimize it.

The attorney general is also seeking 30 years and 10 months in prison for Fujimori party leaders, Forza Popular, or members of their environment, Jaime Yoshiyama, Jose Chember, Vicente Silva, Adriana Tarazona, Pierre Figari and Anna Herz.

He also demanded 22 years and eight months in prison for Vito Villanella, and various penalties for the other defendants.

The indictment collects testimonies from witnesses and so-called effective collaborators, that is, those involved who, in order to mitigate their legal liability, provided elements to incriminate the principal perpetrators.

According to Attorney General Perez, Fujimori continued to commit similar legal infractions during his presidential campaign this year, which was not as successful as the previous one.

In previous months, Fujimori and his attorneys or co-defendants had attempted to dismiss Perez’s indictment, filed on March 11, and removed the prosecutor and Judge Zuniga from the case, to delay the start of the trial, but they were not successful.

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The investigation lasted about three years, and in the course of its course Fujimori was subjected to preventive detention for about a year and three months and is currently on probation, without excluding that the Prosecutor General Perez will request his detention again.

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