Princess Leonor: This is the interior of the exclusive boarding school in Wales where the daughter of the Kings of Spain studies (photos)

The Princess Eleanor He took another step in his academic training by moving to welshwhere he will study High school in a United Atlantic International College.

This is the exclusive boarding school where the daughter of the Kings of Spain will study

The foundation is based in a castle dating back to twelfth siglo located in L’Antuit Pioneer, in a Glamorgan Valley employment United kingdom And each year receives more than 350 students from 90 different countries.

This year, it will not only be in attendance heir to the throne of Spain, And also Alexia from Holland will be in United World College of the Atlantic, that it 2021.

Photo: UWC Atlantic College

The SchoolIn the photos he shared, his students are not required to wear a uniform real homelook at Princess He wears a casual look consisting of a jacket, shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.

Photo: Royal House

A curiosity about the property is that the bedrooms have only the necessary furniture, such as a bed and a small wardrobe for each resident, as well as a bathroom without shower, as the facilities are shared on each floor.

Photo: UWC Atlantic College

The boarding school has various facilities to practice Sports Like climbing, a majestic basin for performing a wide range of group and individual disciplines, such as surfing or sailing.

Photo: UWC Atlantic College
Photo: UWC Atlantic College

It also has luxurious showrooms that also serve as a meeting point for young people to stimulate their creativity.

Photo: UWC Atlantic College
Photo: UWC Atlantic College

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