Pound rises 1% after narrow victory of Scottish independence movement | Economie

The Sterling pound It won by 1% against the dollar and the euro on Monday, driven by the election results in the United Kingdom, which gave a slight victory to the independence movement in ScotlandTo improve health status.

The British currency rose 1.05% against the dollar at $ 1.4132, the highest level since February 25, and 1.04% against the single European currency, at 86.10 pence per euro.

Monday’s Forex dealers reacted to the results of last Thursday’s elections, which gave Scotland the victory The Scottish National Party (SNP), with its succession of the absolute majority seat in the Regional Parliament.

“The main conclusion of the elections is that the political stakes in the UK are decreasing,” explained Ricardo Evangelista, an analyst at ActivTrades.

He added that “the failure of the Scottish National Party to gain an absolute majority leads many analysts to believe that London may delay a new referendum on Scottish independence”, thereby reducing “the short-term risks of secession in the United Kingdom and the negativity. The impact such as this could have.” Event in its currency value. ”

Analysts also pointed to the marked improvement in the situation around the Coronavirus, which is positive for the health of the British economy and the currency.

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