Nearly nine out of 10 iOS users remove app tracking

Looking to maintain Privacy Of its users, an Apple It introduces them to a new system that allows them to know when the company is following in their footsteps, and if they wish, deactivate this function. Although many companies and developers didn’t take the action very well, most people do have the version already iOS 14.5, They choose Tracing is disabled.

According to first estimates by Flurry, an analytics platform, 88% of iOS 14.5 That would disable it Track application Globally. Although there are countries where the tool is used the most, in the US this percentage increases to 96%.

It certainly wouldn’t be good news for companies like The social networking site Facebook Or Google who has struggled to prevent this option from being available because they agreed that it would harm their business Personalized ads It will end up hurting small businesses, they said.

Although it is too soon to know the true consequences, it is bad news for businessesTrack data on the network Which, according to the statistics portal Statista, has already raised over $ 189 million. Even, according to Applesfera, Mark Zuckerberg himself has already warned that Facebook ad revenue could drop.

But users spoke out and took this news as an improvement in their privacy, and of course Apple gained points in its favor, although it must be said that iOS 14.5 was not yet there in the vast majority. Iphone Origins.

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What is it and how is it activated?

The new feature in iOS 14.5 is called Application tracking transparency It is designed to notify when applications track the movement of users not only while they are using the tool in question, but also to analyze their activity outside the application, in other words, they can know where they are going even after closing the application. That’s why you see ads on Facebook and other product pages you’ve been viewing Amazon Or other sites.

Although Apple already has a choice Disable application tracking, Going to Settings> Privacy> Tracking and then deactivating the “Allow apps to request tracking” option, with the update, you could be more specific.

Now, when you install a new app, a message will automatically appear asking you to authorize or deny the app’s ability to track you. And in order to find out which applications have requested this permission and change Settings, You can go to the same tracking page.

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To use this new tool, the first thing is to have the latest OS version. To see if you have or should update, go to Settings> General> system update.

Once you have iOS 14.5, go to your settings Iphone And select Privacy> Tracking

Under “Allow apps to request tracking,” you’ll now see a list of specific apps that have requested this permission. You can allow or disable this function for each specific application.

However, it should be noted that an update an Apple IOS 14.5 is not generally available to users, so you may have to wait before downloading this version.

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