Pinera calls for clean campaign for Chilean presidential candidates

August 24, 2021, 4:40 pmSANTIAGO DE CHILE, Aug. 24 (Prinsa Latina) Chilean President Sebastian Pinera today requested a “clean campaign” with the goal of holding elections next November to choose his successor as president.

The president referred to this issue after last Monday, as the constituency closed the candidate registration period for that election, for which nine candidates were presented by various political and independent blocs.

Pinera called on “all candidates to think of Chile and put Chileans ahead during this campaign” and asked that it be “clean, constructive and optimistic after these difficult times and the many hardships that we have lived through.”

From the northern Atacama region, where he opened the business of a mining project for the state copper corporation, he said he hopes it will be “a campaign that leaves traces, not scars, on the soul of our country.”

He also urged everyone to act responsibly, respect the truth, a spirit of cooperation and goodwill, and that the campaign “helps highlight what unites us, not just what divides us.”

The president, whose popularity levels are still very low, also called for the benefit of what he saw as a good moment in Chile with a noticeable decline in the indicators of Covid-19 and with signs of recovery in the economy, after the difficult crisis caused by the epidemic.

He pointed out that in this crisis, two million jobs were lost, but according to what he said, one million jobs have already been recovered, and the goal for this year is to create another 500 thousand new jobs.

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However, he noted, the successes should not lower our guard because the country has “enormous challenges to face,” such as climate change, the upcoming fire season, and could be very strong due to drought, among others.

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