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Puebla, boy. – in response to commitments obtained during meetings with students and teachers from various academic units, Rector Alfonso Esparza Ortiz inaugurated today an emergency staircase in the FCE6 building of the Faculty of Electronic Sciences and another in the IC6 Graduate School of Environmental Sciences building at the Institute of SciencesWhere three new spaces and an external corridor were delivered on the second floor.

BUAP launches regional labor observatory to improve graduate employment opportunitiesIMACP holds photographic exhibitions in Paseo Bravo and Teatro de la Ciudad With strict health measures, in the first round University President Alfonso Esparza Accompanied by the Director of the Faculty of Electronic Sciences, Luz del Carmen Gomez Pavon, Who thanked him for his commitment to meeting the needs and requirements of this academic unit during his tenure, which in this case will allow this community a quick and safe exit in the event of any emergency.

It should be noted that this work was completed two months ago, as the facilities of the building housing the classrooms and laboratories were improved for postgraduate courses, especially for master’s degrees in electronic engineering and electronics sciences.

Similarly, Esparza Ortiz has delivered another emergency staircase to the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program IC6 Building, at ICUAP, where an exterior corridor has also been built for the second floor and three new spaces have been enabled: auditorium, living room and cabin. The director of this institute, Carolina Moran Raya, was present there, welcoming the business and thanking the rector for the support.

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The emergency staircases delivered comply with the safety specifications for university buildings as well as with the requirements of external assessment bodies, for the benefit of more than 700 male and female undergraduate and graduate students, as well as teachers who conduct academic activities on these properties.

Through these actions, BUAP demonstrates once again that despite the ordeals posed by the pandemic, work continues to benefit all members of its community, which is dynamic, united and powerful to effectively resolve challenges moving forward.

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