Pedro Pascal was unable to enter an art exhibition in his honor in the United Kingdom

London (CNN) – When a Hollywood star like Pedro Pascal visits a small English seaside town like Margate, it must be quite the event.

However, the Emmy-nominated actor didn’t get the celebrity treatment one might expect when he did a show dedicated to him on Sunday.

Accompanied by art hosts Robert Diament and Russell Tovey, the “Last of Us” actor found the show closed.

Undeterred, the trio took a selfie outside the Rhodes Gallery and Posted on social mediaalong with the caption: “Margate Art Friends Gathering”.

They smile, and pose next to a small black-and-white drawing of Pascal, under a banner by artist Heidi Gentle Burrell, which reads: “ADHD Hyperfixation and why I seem to love PEDRO PASCAL.”

“It was absolutely amazing,” said Burrell, the artist. The Independent. “Although I imagine it’s a little awkward, with all the art on it.”

“It pissed me off because it was a Sunday, when the gallery was closed. I would like Robert to have him in when the gallery is open.”

A painting by Pedro Pascal by Heidi Gentle Borrell at Margate Gallery. Credit: Jessica Rhodes Robb

British actor Tovey and director of art gallery Diament hosts an art podcast called Talk Art. Rhodes Gallery, home of Burrell’s 14-piece solo show, also shared the photo on Instagram, along with some photos of the artist.

In an email to CNN on Thursday, Jessica Rhodes Robb, the gallery’s co-owner, said the gallery was “absolutely exceptional” and that they were “very proud that it has received the publicity it deserves.”

Rob added, “We’re scared they won’t be able to get in and our Sunday opening policy is definitely under review. We’ll be sending Pedro a gift from the show as an apology.”

Artist Heidi Gentle Borel interviewed art podcast writer Robert Diament at the exhibition opening in June. Credit: Jessica Rhodes Robb

The 48-year-old Pascal is now one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, having appeared as Joel Miller in HBO’s post-apocalyptic drama “The Last of Us” and as bounty hunter Din Djarin in “The Mandalorian.”

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In the eyes of many social media users, these false explanations of fathers have earned Pascal the sexually charged nickname “Father”.

“Father is a state of mind,” Tovey captioned the post, referring to Pascal’s surname.

Margate is located about 110 km east of London, in the county of Kent. Earlier this year, street artist Banksy painted a mural of Valentine’s Day there, which was later removed.

CNN has contacted Pascal’s representatives.

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