US celebrities who have invested in the Premier League and Championship

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Tom Brady, JJ Watt and Michael B Jordan have followed in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhinney with Wrexham

The English Premier League is one of the most attractive leagues, not only for those who love good football as fans, but English football is very attractive to celebrities, who, in addition to meeting them in the stadiums of big and very big teams, like a case Arsenal, where Mick Jagger appears from time to timeThey also come up with several million to become shareholders.

The structure of English football, not only the structure of the Premier League, has been a good attraction for investors, who, if they make good use of the money, then strong teams with deep roots in Europe are created. The best example is Chelsea who Before Roman Abramovich arrived, he spent the night at the Prime Minister’s And for more bills that its current owner has invested in, Todd Boyley, he was closer to the relegation zones than to the Champions League zone.

Few minutes and few goals for Aubameyang at Chelsea – Photo: Getty Images

American celebrities invest in the Premier League and English soccer teams

One of the most famous cases recently is that of Ryan Reynolds (originally from Canada and now a US citizen) and Rob McElhinney Wrexham, which although not an English team, but a Welsh team, is part of the system and structure of English football and after the investment of American players, the club has already been promoted from the fifth division to the second league, which was the fourth division.

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The actors bought the club In November 2020 for $2.5 million and from November 2021 he takes over After convincing the members of the humble team that dreams of being in the Premier League. Wrexham has its own series, which has grossed around $3.2 million. This has also had an impact on social networks, where it already has more than a million followers.

LeBron James, Liverpool shareholder

The Lakers star is part of an investment group, known as Red Bird, which has shares in various football teams, including Liverpool, and in this group it is LeBron James, who has owned 2% of the Reds since 2011.

With the investment of the most famous basketball player of our time and other shareholders, Liverpool has already won the Premier Leagueafter 30 years of drought, in addition to the Champions League.

LeBron James is a shareholder in Liverpool

JG Watt and his wife are with Burnley, following their promotion to the Premier League

On May 1, 2023, Former player for Texas and Cardinals in the NFL, JG Watt announced with his wife that he will be part of the Burnley investor group, who had just crystallized his promotion to the Premier League after dominating Street in the Championship.

JJ Watt and his wife are minority shareholders, perhaps following in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, by investing in a team that may be weak, but that can multiply profits if successful, just like It really happened with Wrexham, who actually made more media noise than Burnley themselves.

JG Watt teamed up with Burnley

Tom Brady from Birmingham

Another retired NFL star, following in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhinney, is Tom Brady. Unlike LeBron James, his investment goes to a team that will not fight for positions in the Champions League, because He belongs in the Championship, so his goal is to go up.

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Tom Brady is part of the Knighthead Capital Management consortium, by which he became a minority shareholder, but in addition became chairman of the new Birmingham board of advisors. Your investment doesn’t just go to a championship team, But for the women’s team and the youth team.

Tom Brady is the new owner of Birmingham City

Michael B Jordan with Bournemouth in the Premier League

Bournemouth can boast that it is related to Michael Jordan, well, to some extent, because in fact, its minority shareholder is not an NBA legend, but an actor. Michael B Jordan, who in December 2022 joined the team that is constantly fighting to avoid relegation.

The Cherries have the smallest stadium in the Premier League, seating just over 11,000 people, and Jordan occasionally occupy one of those spots. In addition to being a contributor, Works in the field of global marketing.

Jonathan Majors and Michael B Jordan. Photo: Getty Images

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