Ecuador is in mourning on the holiday of its first independence cry

Usually on these dates, provinces, municipalities and private entities promote cultural, entertainment and commemorative activities that will not take place this year.

In addition, tourism will feel more affected in the context of widespread shock and fear due to growing insecurity, as well as the state of emergency imposed by President Guillermo Lasso after the attack on the candidate.

The head of the National Federation of Regional Chambers of Tourism, Holbach Monetone, wondered who would come to one of the most insecure countries in Latin America, where a murdered mayor or presidential candidate.

Muñetón indicated in an interview with radio station Radio Democracia that the hotel sector has been canceled because citizens prefer not to leave the house and therefore a recession in the level of consumption and revitalization of the economy is expected, in the middle of the holiday on the tenth of August.

On that day in 1809, a group of Creoles from Quito expressed their decision to establish a government independent of Spain and the sovereign government formed a junta, although after a few months the city regained power and many patriots were imprisoned and massacred.

The candidate for the presidential seat, Luisa Gonzalez, of the Citizen’s Revolution, published a message on social networks on Thursday, in which she expressed that this cry 214 years ago opened the way to freedom for us and today it resonates with greater force to live. Days of light and peace.

Gonzalez said that our country must move forward on this path, which I am sure we will achieve together.

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Insecurity was central to the electoral agenda, but Villavicencio’s killing on Wednesday marked a turning point and clarified the rest of the campaign.

Another candidate, Yaco Perez, invited his opponents to sit down at a table to talk and conclude a peace agreement, but for now his initiative is supported only by Bolivar Armigos, who will also be on the presidential ballot on September 20. August.

This Saturday concludes Lasso’s decree of national mourning, and on Sunday, August 13, the televised debate between those seeking the presidency will take place.


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