Work on tourism interest is being prepared in Riviera Nayarit

The municipal government of Bahía de Banderas, through the Tourist Office and its affiliates, is ready for the arrival of the wave of vacationers who hope to come to enjoy the beaches of Nayarit.

In this sense, its purpose is to spread important logistics in terms of information and security to ensure that visitors have a happy and memorable stay.

Jorge Garcia, director of tourism in the municipality, indicated that, as the Tourism Directorate, they are holding meetings and it is planned to install three tourist information units.

He said they are reviewing the numbers and have predicted, for example, Sayulita 100% because people are willing to go out, and so far bookings are over 90%.

On Wednesday, they will start activities with information units where the National Guard, Civil Protection, Public Security and Municipal Transportation will be integrated to be part of these Tourist Information Units.

The idea is that they are not just to get the information, but also to be from the security where they will have all the services and make sure to get there, they can ask for help, file their complaints about some abuse or theft and get immediate attention.

In this sense, he said that they will set up a roving media campaign to provide information to the tourists at the entrances to the beaches along with the Sub-Directorate of Environment, in an effort to educate visitors to take care of the litter, in order to keep the beach clean.

Plant and animal protection issues will also be discussed in order to raise people’s awareness and that although they are overwhelmed by the number of people on the beaches, people realize that the important part is behaving well, we can realize that the important part is being on the beach is taking care of it.

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