Paparazzi Megan Harkley filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit for bankruptcy

Meghan Markle has kept several legal fronts open against the press since leaving the royal family. One of them, his confrontation with the important Splash News & Picture Agency, from which they published unauthorized photos of his personal life while he was living with Prince Harry and his son Archie in Canada.

The Duchess of Sussex has filed a lawsuit against the company, asking for a million dollars for the release of the January 2020 footage, in which it appeared walking on Vancouver Island with her dogs and her son in a stroller.

This tough legal battle bankrupted the paparazzi agency, as Splash’s president, Emma Curzon declared: “After trying unsuccessfully to reach an agreement with the Duchess, the directors believe this fight represents an unacceptable risk to her survival. Go bankrupt to protect our employees. “

Splash’s financial condition makes it impossible for him to pay the hefty amount Meghan is claiming. Curzon claimed that “Markle’s case is related to freedom of expression issues under UK law, but unfortunately it has proven too costly for Splash to pursue his defense”.

Aside from the feud against Markle, the company president also blamed the pandemic, which kept celebrities indoors out of the paparazzi’s lenses. “As a result of the global pandemic, the availability of celebrity photos has decreased and our situation is exacerbated by two ongoing lawsuits and the costs of defending these cases.”

Splash’s third case concerns its former account manager, Esmeralda Cervin, who sued the company claiming that she was repeatedly subjected to sexist remarks during her tenure there. Additionally, Serven claims she has been fired after raising concerns about a lack of transparency in company structure and commissions to photographers.

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